10 Inspirational and Famous Leaders from All Around World

The Future of South Asia: Imran Khan

It’s hard to witness leaders these days that know how to lead. A leader leads by example and you’ll find that very few of them exist today. However, we did some research and came up with a list of the top 5 Famous leaders of the world. Read on and enjoy.

10. Barack Obama10. Barack Obama2

A single mother raised the 44th President of America and to top it all off is part of minority. However, he didn’t let all that stand in his way and rose to the top and has inspired quite a lot of people. He has been able to end one war and is working to end the other one. 10. Barack ObamaOne may question his politics, but you can’t deny that he is an inspirational leader who governs with strength and care.

9. Mohammed NasheedMaldivian President Mohamed Nasheed enjo

Although before he became the president of Maldives has had been imprisoned for a myriad of political reasons, this guy managed the office between 2008 and 2012 and did so with a goal; making his country carbon neutral. In achieving his goal he worked so hard that he was able to inspire leaders all around the world and really managed to bring this issue to limelight. 9. Mohammed NasheedOne can’t question that Mohammed Nasheed, despite his flaws, worked as an inspirational leader.

8. Pope Francis 8. Pope Francis 2

He took the office only a year ago but as a spiritual leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics sure has shown how inspirational he is. Francis has been able to energize the Church and has gathered support from non-Catholic admirers s well. He refused to occupy the palatial papal apartments and even washed the feet of a female Muslim prisoner. He has also introduced a group of 8 cardinals that are to advise him on reforms and as per church historians this is ‘the most important step in history of the church for the past 10 centuries.’ 8. Pope FrancisA poll carried out in March tells that one out of four Catholics have increased the amount they give in charity and as per 77% of them it was due to Pope.

7. Xi JinpingChina's President Xi Jinping delivers new year's speech in front of state media in Beijing

Say hello to the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, President of the People Republic of China and Chairman of the central Military Commission; Xi Jinping who has been leading successful campaigns against corruption and some quite impressive economic policies as can be seen by the growth that the country is making. He is working on ‘Chinese Dream’ and stands firm and strong. 7. Xi JinpingXi Jinping is the fifth continuous leader from his family but has worked hard enough that he is respected and loved by his people.

6. Tayyip ErdoganRecep Tayyip Erdogan

Tayyip Erdogen is the 25th Prime Minister of Turkey since 2003 and founder of the Turkey’s most widely supported political party; Justice and Development Party (AKP). He has earned a plethora of awards owing to the services he has rendered to his country and was also in the list of ‘100 most influential people’ in 2004 and 2010. 6. Tayyip Erdogan2He has tirelessly worked to control tobacco in Turkey and has been awarded the World Health Organization Award and also with the highest award from Pakistan; ‘Nishan-e-Pakistan’.

5. Cristina Fernández de KirchnerArgentina's President Fernandez de Kirchner gestures during a ceremony in Buenos Aires

She is an Argentinian lawyer and politician and was elected as first female president of Argentina back in 2007. She was able to attain 45% of the final presidential vote that was twice as much as her competitor did. Why is she on the list? Cristina Fernández de KirchnerShe beat the odds and made a difference!

4. Mohamed MorsiMohamed Morsi

We all know who Mohamed Morsi is; the first Islamist and out of military President of Egypt. He is the fifth president and enjoys the position of first democratically elected president in Egypt. 4. Mohamed Morsi2His endeavors against a military government and his undying support are what warranted this position for him.

3. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad3. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad2

Meet the face of Iran, the person who has stood in front of all and faced them all with dignity and quite strongly; Mahmud Ahmadinejad. He is the President of Iran and took the office in 2005 and was then re-elected in 2009. 3. Mahmoud AhmadinejadHe won’t budge and that is exactly why Iran has risen to the world political view as a strong country.

2. Christine Lagarde2. Christine Lagarde

Meet Madame La Gaffe or also known as Christine Lagarde who is the former French Finance Minister and was then elected as the first female head of International Monetary Fund in 2011. Christine LagardeShe is famous for her unique and intelligent management style along with her persistence that is calm and the frank honesty that earned her the title of Madame La Gaffe in the first place.

1. Imran Khan1. Imran Khan3

Where do we start with this charismatic guy? He helped Pakistan’s cricket team win the World Cup back in 1992 against all the odds, founded the first cancer hospital in Pakistan that treats 90% of its patients for free and despite having the option to live a luxurious life is continuously battling for the people of Pakistan and to improve their condition. He was the Chancellor at the University of Bradford till last June.1. Imran Khan2He has been able to stir the political spirit in the people of Pakistan and has the support of youngsters. His spirit was seen when received a head injury during election campaign in 2013 and yet continued as the most favored leader of Pakistan. 1. Imran Khan4According to a poll carried out in Pakistan, he is the most liked leader of Pakistan who has, as of now, managed to bring thousands of Pakistanis out on the road to protest against the rigging in election by the current government of Pakistan. 1. Imran Khan5If you’re looking for a leader in its true spirit then Imran Khan is the one. He was voted as the Asia’s Person the Year by the Asia Society in 2012 and was also nominated as third in the list of ‘9 World Leaders’ on the Global Post. He has also received the Jinnah Award and a myriad of awards from other countries as well.


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10 Inspirational and Famous Leaders from All Around World

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