10 Lamest Excuses You’ll Ever Hear

What would you do if you are caught speeding, or drinking under the influence? Here are some of the lamest excuses ever heard and mind you, these all are original, not made up. You can get more information and background on the excuses by clicking on the relevant links.

You won’t believe how some of these are from famous celebrities.

No 10. You are caught with a prostitute in your car


Yup, I’ve found the tomatoes!


She was just showing me where to buy tomatoes.

No 9. You are caught with illegal, obscene photos (of child pornography) on your computer


You were supposed to be cute, devil.


My cat jumped on the computer keyboard while I was downloading music. I left the computer and when I returned back I found these strange things.

No 8. You are caught shoplifting


It really was heavy for us all.


I was taking painkillers for my broken arm and it was stress from the September 11 attacks too.

No 7. You test positive for a banned substance in cricket


I still love you mum.


My mum slipped me some fluid tablets to get rid of a double chin.

No 6. You are caught drunk driving with your mates

drunk driving

They’ll thank me when they get sober.


“I reckon I was the least pissed out of all of us, so I drove.”


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