10 Ways You Can Give Life To Your Smartphone Battery!

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That dreaded musical note and the pop up that drains all happiness out of your springy day: Plug in your charger!

Battery life is a serious problem with the hi-fi smartphones with enumerable features that you can’t seem to do without. Higher processors call for higher power, and so do higher resolutions. The result: the devil’s alarm rings and out pop his red eyes.. at least that’s how I see it!

But it is.. avoidable. You probably want curable, for which we have to wait for Stanford’s Aluminium Ion battery, but till then, here’s how you can stretch your battery’s usage:

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10. Turn It Off

Switch to airplane mode or turn it off when you know you won’t be using it, or there aren’t any signals around anyway. On the subway, in your basement – save all the energy in this time because the battery is drained if your phone keeps looking for a non-existent signal.

Battery Life 1

9. Down with the 3G

.. to 2G and GSM network. If high speed internet is not the imminent requirement, switch and save power. GSM uses lesser energy; use this to your advantage.

8. Off with the Bluetooth

Bluetooth is another source of suck-the-life-out of that battery. Ditch the BT headset and prefer cable headphones when possible. Use only when no other option is usable.

Battery Life

7. No-o-o-o-o-o-o Vibbbrrraatteee

Those small machine-ies inside your phone that brrrrr up the phone take power. If you have a good ring tone, ditch the vibrate option and stick to ring only. This will save you a lot of talk time on your phone.

6. Portable Charger

If you are on the road more than you’re in your bed, it’s a good time to invest in a portable battery charger. Many options are available on the market and can save you a lot of contact-less journeys.

5. Nah-nimation

Clouds swooping up and down your screen, home screens dancing into floral wallpapers. Things you only notice during the honeymoon period – the first few weeks after you buy a new phone. Later, it’s lost it’s charm, but the battery power it uses remains just the same – which is A LOT. Turn these animations off and save, save, save!

Battery Life 2

4. Brightness and Backlight

These could contest for the highest sources of battery consumption. Use auto-brightness options or keep it as low as comfortable to save energy, and dial down the time for backlight.

3. Ditch the Selfie Wallpapers

You’d hate me for this.. but using a dark – black – wallpaper can save you a lot of battery power. AMOLED screens use more energy to display white than black. Ditch the crisp colors of your pout (or any colorful wallpaper you otherwise prefer) when you NEED to save your battery usage.

2. Turn it Down

The ringer volume doesn’t have the Max volume so you could dial it up to that no matter what. If you can hear it fine at a 2, use 2 and add 20 to your battery percentage!

Battery Life 3

…and lastly, know that she’s high maintenance!

1. Don’t let your Li-ion hit the Zero Mark

When it flashes “Shutting Down”, you know the break up is near! Li-ion batteries bear considerable damage if they are completely run down, reducing their lifetime. Charge as soon as you hit the 20% mark, or you’d have to part ways with her sooner than you think.

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10 Ways You Can Give Life To Your Smartphone Battery!

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