11 Hilarious Animals being Jerks GIFs

They are cute and they are jerks. Animals sometimes show their wild sides and show us what it takes to get what you want, by being jerks. Here are 11 hilarious instances of Animals being jerks:

It’s mine now….

They don’t care

The best part is how the cat doesn’t even look at whats happened.

Go Forth my mighty Stead

Never trust a Kangaroo

They will stab you in the back.

The James Doaks Cat…

Surprise Mother…..

The Annoying Cat

The Annoying Goat

How dare you eat first?

The Jerk Crow

The Kidnapper Cat

I have you now, haha.

The Conspicuous Parrot

There can be only one..

Basil Rafiq

Just cause someone likes it, doesn't mean you have to.

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