11 Tricks To Help Your iPhone Run Faster

11 Tricks To Help Your iPhone Run Faster 8

We have become really dependent on our smart phones and make use of them throughout the day. That is exactly why a phone that’s lagging can soon become a pain in the neck that needs to be taken care of right away. When your iPhone, specifically speaking, starts to act slowly and takes more than usual time in carrying out simple tasks, then it is time to look beyond the issue and find and eradicate the source of the problem. We have compiled a list of 11 tricks that you can make use of to keep your iPhone up to the required pace. We know some of these are quite mundane and you might be wondering ‘hey, what in the hell…’ but trust us, all these little things add up and do slow down your iPhone. These are general tips and should be a part of your iPhone-usage.

11. Delete Old Photos11 Tricks To Help Your iPhone Run Faster 11

Yes, they do slow down your iPhone. You need to keep on removing the unnecessary files from your beloved iPhone to keep it in top-notch working condition. Best way to do so is to sync the phone with iPhoto on desktop or back them up using iCloud and then delete them from your iPhone.

10. Reallocate Memory Using This App11 Tricks To Help Your iPhone Run Faster 10

This battery doctor app will help you ascertain how fast the iPhone is running and which app is consuming more memory. You can then reallocate the memory using the Reallocate Memory thus helping the iPhone perform smoother.

9. Software Updates11 Tricks To Help Your iPhone Run Faster 9

Do check for software updates and update the iPhone when a software update is available since these updates incorporate bug fixes and help your phone perform better and more smoothly.

8. Restart your iPhone11 Tricks To Help Your iPhone Run Faster 8

Restart your iPhone. It will thank you. We tend to forget that these gadgets require a restart too in order to let go of the resources that are being held on to in order to refresh the memory.

7. Avoid Automation11 Tricks To Help Your iPhone Run Faster 7

Automation is a nice feature but it also slows down your iPhone while draining its battery. A rule of thumb is to do all that can be done manually, manually. For example, if your iPhone asks you if you’d like to join a nearby Wi-Fi network; you better switch it off. Open Settings>Wi-Fi>Ask to Join Networks and switch the option off.

6. Automatic Downloads11 Tricks To Help Your iPhone Run Faster 6

Apart from automatic updates, automatic downloads can cause a bit of a problem as well. An app that you’ve downloaded on your iPad can also begin to install on your iPhone and this can also slow down your iPhone. Again, open Setting>iTunes & App Store and turn this option off.

5. Automatic Updates11 Tricks To Help Your iPhone Run Faster 5

Another reason why your iPhone is running slow is because it is updating apps in the background. Now this can be quite a problem because the app update might be going on when you need to take that picture and that is the only window you have to take the picture. Open up Setting>iTunes & App Store and switch off the automatic updates.

4. Safari’s Cache11 Tricks To Help Your iPhone Run Faster 4

iPhones are a lot like computers or at least they should be treated like so. Clear Safari’s cache every now and then to make sure that your iPhone continues to run smoothly. This cache takes up space on your iPhone and eventually wears it down. Go to Settings>Safari and then tap on ‘Clear History and Website Data’.

3. Text Messages Threads11 Tricks To Help Your iPhone Run Faster 3

We know you love keeping those old conversations to feel nostalgic over time and to make old references in order to win an argument but that is taking a toll on your iPhone speed. Get rid of them! Either back them up using a third-party application or just delete them.

2. Delete Space-Hogging Apps11 Tricks To Help Your iPhone Run Faster 2

Is your iPhone being slow? That’s because you have installed a number of apps that you don’t make use of and also because some of these apps are huge. Rule of thumb; the more bloated the iPhone is, the slower it will be. Go to Settings>General>Storage & iCloud Usage>Manage Storage to see which app is hogging space and get rid of it.

1. Restoring A Backup11 Tricks To Help Your iPhone Run Faster

If all else fails, then you might want to restore to an older backup. If you don’t create backups; it would be a wise idea to start making backups. This way you can recover from any recent thing that might have happened to your iPhone resulting in the lag that it is showcasing. To restore a backup, on iTunes open File>Devices>Restore from Backup.

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11 Tricks To Help Your iPhone Run Faster

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