Old Bus Transformed Into a Stylish And Sharp Home Office

When you work from home you need a little space, or nook to call your own, where no one disturbs you.  Owning a real home office would cost you a fortune, but with a little imagination, innovation, and the drive to do it yourself, it won’t cost you more than a few bucks.  A Hungarian man has to our astonishment, has converted an abandoned bus manufactured by Ikarus into a small office pod.

bus office8

This is what the original bus looked like.

bus office2

He sliced off the front and gutted it.

bus office1

This creative man turned half of the old bus into office space and replaced the dashboard with a curvy computer desk to make it functional and aesthetically appealing.

He added personal items and a fresh coat of paint.

bus office5 bus office6

bus office7 bus office8

Usually we don’t get to see old buses refurbished into anything new, but this Hungarian man gutted the front of the bus, gave it a shiny coat of red paint, put his home office necessities inside and brought it all together in his bedroom.  The working headlights provided light for his tiny corner.  DIY enthusiasts can utilize things we would probably throw away.

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