12 Home Safety Tips That Could Prevent A Burglary

Your home….your haven.  There are many things you can do to boost home security and make your house burglary resistant.  You should never feel afraid in your own home. Burglars know the loopholes so fix those issues with some of these home safety tips we’ve put together for you.  Your home’s safety should never be compromised.

Home security can be achieved with some simple precautions.  Follow these tips to make your home safer whether you’re there or away.

1. Buy A Safe

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Eventhough you think you’ve done everything in your ability to make your home safe, you never know.  In the unfortunate event that your home is broken into, having a safe hidden away somewhere for your important documents, jewelry, and cash could prevent the theft of precious valuables.

2.  Secure Your Mail!!

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Identity theft is a crime that not many people think about.  We receive many personal documents via postal mail delivery and they have our personal, confidential information.  To prevent mail theft you should have a mailbox that locks and if you’re not going to be in town, make sure to stop mail delivery.

3.  Buy Key Chain Garage Door Opener

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Usually we leave our garage door openers in our car….it’s convenient, but what we do not realize is that it’s easy to break into a car.  If you’re garage door opener is in your car then you’ve given a thief easy access into your home.  Keep your garage door opener on your key chain so that you always have it with you.

4.  Reinforce Patio Doors

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Another easy point of entry for burglars are patio doors.  Factory locks are no match for hefty thugs.  A little bit of force and the door slides open.  Add an extra foot-release lock that will stop sliding doors from moving, even if the door is unlocked.

5.  A Simple Switch That Could Save You

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Normal door latches are usually installed with half-inch screws, which can easily pried out.  The better option is to use four-inch screws to give a robber a run for their money and a bit of a struggle.  That struggle could potentially save your life.

6.  Strengthen Your Deadbolt

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For your front door you would think a deadbolt lock is the best thing out there.  You’d  be surprised that they are easy to pick and burglars usually break in through the front door.  Use a SIMlock to add extra prevention to your deadbolt.  This gadget makes it impossible to turn the lock from the outside when its properly activated.

7.  Trim Hedges and Branches

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Overgrown gardens create perfect hiding places for burglars out on the prowl.  Keep your bushes trimmed down so that you can see around them.  Groomed gardens discourage burglars.  Maybe a dinosaur shaped hedge will scare them away.

8.  Stranger Danger

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Peepholes are great ideas.  The rule still goes….don’t open the door to strangers!!  Installing a high-tech peephole camera will give you a wider peripheral view to see who’s at the door and whether they’re alone or not.  Traditional peepholes have blindspots making it easy for accomplices to hide out of your line of sight.

9.  Don’t Hide Keys Outside…..EVER!

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Please….Please….Please don’t hide your house keys outside your home.  Not under a mat, in a flower pot or even under a rock.  Chance are those are the first places a burglar will check.  It’s a lot safer to give a set of keys to a trustworthy neighbor or friend that can easily be contacted in case you lock yourself out.

10.  Shhhhhhh….Keep Your Vaycay Plans On The DL

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We know you want to make everyone jealous by telling them you’re going on vacation, relaxing in a tropical paradise while they’re slaving away at work, but posting statuses on Facebook is like sending out invites to break into your unoccupied home.  Wait until you’re back to post amazing pictures.

11.  Let There Be Light!

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Motion Sensor lights are the best way to send your burglars running in the opposite direction.  They are also great for when you come home at night, you can see around your front door.

12.  Use Pin Locks On Windows

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Windows usually come with locks, but they easy to pry open with a tool.  For about $2, you can reinforce your windows pin locks that not even the Incredible Hulk could open.

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