15 Amazing Features of iPhone You Must Try

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iPhones are cool – there’s no contesting that. From high end specs to its interesting features and an even cooler accessory line; anyone who has had a taste of the iPhone doesn’t think about switching to another!

We have compiled a list of iPhone features for all the iPhone fanatics out there; you may know about these, or you may not, but these are what make iPhones the cool gadgets they are!

15. Find out what Flights are above you!

Say “What Wolfram what flights are overhead.” Tricky. But that’s how iPhone tells you which flights are in the air overhead. Just how CNET writer Jason Cipriani came up with this brilliant incantation to make an iPhone divulge this information is beyond us..

iPhone Tricks (3)

14. Shake-do

Undo and Redo made easy with just a shake! Shake and a menu asking Undo or Redo Typing will pop up.

iPhone Tricks (2)

13. No to in-app Purchases

Go to Settings > General > Restrictions -> Enable Restrictions – scroll to In-App Purchases. Disable it.

No more in-app purchases in your weak moments.

iPhone tricks (1111)

12. Text’s Timestamps

Hold your text messages and drag left. They were right there all along!

iPhone Trick

11. Charge faster

When you plug in the charger, activate airplane mode. This will let your phone charge faster.

iPhone Tricks (111)

10. Huge Calendar

Just turn your iPhone landscape and you get a more detailed view of your days.

iPhone Tricks (1)

9. Level em’ Up

Swipe left on your compass app. Be amazed!

iPhone Tricks (6)

8. Your Morning Cappa

Love Capslock? (We don’t recommend that, btw). Hit the Shift key twice and you have yourself your morning cappa!


7. Em-Dash

Hold down the Dash key and a dash menu will pop up. Pick your dash!

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6. Shooting in Burst Mode.. We Mean Pictures

Hold down the capture button a while and iPhone will automatically shoot in burst mode. Select the best and lose the rest!

iPhone Tricks (77)

5. Capture with the Volume Button

When the Camera is on, use the up-volume key to capture. Easier to do then the touch button.
iPhone Tricks (5)



4. Capture with the Ear Phones!

That little key on your earphones captures too. Turn the camera on and click!

shoot with cable

3. Choose your Vibe

Go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration > Create New Vibration

Assign specific vibration patterns to different contacts, or use a non-standard one for all. Just tap-tap-tap; let your thumb tap-dance for your perfect rhythm.

tap vibration

2. Letter Passcode

But doesn’t a numeric keypad pop up? Yes, it does! But there’s a way to change that!

Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Turn off Simple Passcode

Once you’ve done that, you’d be able to see a QWERTY pad and secure your phone with a letter passcode!

iPhone Tricks (5)

1. Tell Siri to READ your E-mails

All you have to do is say “read my e-mails” and let Siri take over. She’ll tell you who it’s from, when it came and what it says. You can even select individuals whose e-mails you want read.

iPhone Tricks (4)

If you haven’t tried your hand at some of these, we recommend!

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