19 Amazing Ideas To Organize Your Closets And Drawers

We all love to shop.  We run to the malls as the latest sales hit the shops and buy more clothes, and more accessories, and more shoes, but where does all the stuff we already have go?  Closets and drawers become the black hole or the bottomless pit.  When you look for the purple sweater your best friend gave you for your birthday, EVERYTHING comes out and when and you end up stuffing it all back in.   These 19 genius ways to organize your closets and drawers will keep you and your things in order.

19. Tie your scarves to a hanger


By doing this you can easily select the color you want and you don’t have to scrimmage through heaps.

18. Roll up clothes to save space


This might not save you ironing time but at least you’ll be able shop more.

17. Sort your weekly wardrobe in advance


Save space and save time.  Wake up a few minutes later.

16. Save floor space and hang your laundry bag


Now there’s no excuse for clothes on the floor either.

15. Keep your boots upright with pool noodles


Go out and buy yourself a new pair, you have room for it now.

14. Use PVC pipes for storage


You’ll have neat and organized drawers with this winner.

13. Use shower rings to organize your shorts


We bet you never thought of this one.

12. Use shoe boxes as drawer organizers


No more rummaging for underwear.

11. Keep matching sheet sets together by storing them in pillowcases


There’s no way you’ll lose your pillowcase ever again.

 10. Stack your shirts upright so you can see what’s inside your drawer


You’ll know exactly which shirt you want with this neat trick.

9. Use an ornament box to organize your socks


You’ll never throw out those Christmas ball boxes again.

8. Hang your suitcases above your closet doors


Saves you floor space.

7. Store your shoes in an old wine box


You could even color coordinate if you want.

6. Use pop can tabs to hang multiple things in one hanger space


Wow!!! This ingenious idea might send you out to the nearest mall right away.

5. Use ice cube trays to organize your jewelry


This is a teenage girl’s dream come true.

4. Donate the things you don’t need


This way you won’t feel as bad about all the shopping you did.  Give back to society.

3. Keep your gadgets organized and charged in your nightstand


You sure will avoid all the clutter wires create.

2. Use comforter bags to organize out-of-season clothes


This should cut the quantity of clothes hanging in your closet by half.

1. The number one question


What do you think of the list? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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