19 Awesome Gadgets That Tell Us The Future Is Now!!!

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Technology has not only made our lives simpler, it has also made it cooler.  Way more cooler than we could ever imagine and this year things are really getting crazy.  We believe in technology and its ability to enrich our lives.  There is a fine line between genius and insanity.  Let’s see which category the following gadgets fall under.

19. QWERTY Keyboard for iPhone

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You’ll find the iPhone in every other person’s hand these days.  Many of you have experienced problems while typing, especially those of you with pudgy fingers.  This could be a dream come true for some of you.  This little qwerty keyboard will allow you to type fast and accurately.

18. Bio Robot Refrigerator

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This looks like something from out of a sci-fi flick.  The Bio Robot Refrigerator uses luminescence to cool biopolymer gel.  It’s an odourless gel that envelopes the food to keep it preserved and cool.

17. eRoll

awesome gadgets17 awesome gadgets18 

E-reading is the future of reading.  People are already reading e-books on iPads and tablets.  The e-roll is compact and easy to use, and if you’re not in the mood to read e-books on it, roll it up and throw it in your bag.  It might even save you if you’re ever attacked.

16. Folding-out Laptop

 awesome gadgets19

We’ve all been awed by Transformers and how a car can become a giant robot.  Well Transformers have inspired many things in the market, from toys to gadgets.  Now here is a laptop that transforms into a full fledged working laptop when you unfold its keyboard.


 awesome gadgets20

Listening to music when you’re in bed is a great way to relax and ultimately fall asleep, but those uncomfortable headbuds in your ears can get really annoying.  Yuan-Hao Hsu and Lin Tzu Hsuan have come up with an alternative, an mp3 player pillow.  Just lay your head on it, listen to your favourite tunes, and fall into a relaxed slumber.

14. Wind Circle

awesome gadgets21 

It kind of looks like a porthole into the future and your guests will think you’re a bit weird, but this wind fan will cool the air in the room…..Really!

13. Bracelet Phone

awesome gadgets22 awesome gadgets23 

Anything that looks out of the ordinary, get popular.  The weirder the shape, the more fans it’ll have and concept phones are becoming quite popular these days.  This bracelet phone has become a big hit, maybe because it has a round dialer, like back in the old days.

12. Mint Sputnik Projector

awesome gadgets24 awesome gadgets25 awesome gadgets26 

The picture says it all.  It’s pretty self explanatory and it makes you think about where technology is going.

11. Portable Interactive Display

 awesome gadgets39

Wow!! Now this is interesting.  This device will be able to use its software and take CAD drawings and display them on the surface where they can be manipulated.  This will be especially useful for architects or industrial designers.

10. Newspaper Of The Future

 awesome gadgets27

Reading an actual newspaper has become obsolete.  People have come up with alternatives to the newspaper.  People already use their iPads and tablets to keep up to date.  We also saw the eroll in this article.  Seon-Keun Park and Byung-Min Woo have come up with a different idea.  We’ll have to wait and see whether it catches on or not.

9. Air Clean Balls

 awesome gadgets28 awesome gadgets29 awesome gadgets30

They sound funny and they look funny but they have an interesting job.  The feature of these balls is that they clean the air in the room by using a form of ionization with photo-catalyst complex sterilizing.  It doesn’t just freshen the air, it actually cleans it by removing bacterias and viruses.

8. Geist Projector

awesome gadgets31 awesome gadgets32 

Keeping the topic on balls, here we have a levitating ball that sustains itself in the air with the help of electromagnetism.  The device is a projector that can move the projected image.

7. Help Readers Device

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This device converts text into audio, helping you in case you have eyesight issues or if you’re just downright lazy.

6. HP LIM Glass Computer

 awesome gadgets35

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The HP LiM (Less is More) concept will feature a 19” transparent touch OLED screen along with a wireless keyboard.  The touch screen slides down to create a more ergonomic touch experience and easy navigation.

5. Window Phone Concept

awesome gadgets1 awesome gadgets2 awesome gadgets3 awesome gadgets4 awesome gadgets5 

This is some real cool stuff.  It looks like a phone or a window, or a transparent phone. Actually it’s a Window Phone and you’re probably scratching your head right now.  It’s actually a concept phone with amazing features.  If this phone actually goes into production, it’ll take concept phones to a whole other level.

4. AFGT Gaming Device

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For all you gamers out there, here’s a new gadget that you won’t be able to live without.  Its interesting feature is the tactile feedback that is used to enhance your gaming experience.  It is made out of touch sensitive silicon, to be more specific, silicon air pockets, each with a pressure generator.

3. Sound Mug Speaker

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This device looks like R2D2 from Star Wars, but it’s a cool gadget that’ll you can actually get some use out of.  It’s a crazy looking speaker that fits in your car’s cupholder, get’s plugged into your car’s accessory socket so that you can listen to your favourite music.

2. Vestalife BumbleBee Earbuds

awesome gadgets11 

These pink earbuds will most likely appeal to the girls out there.  They’re cute and they serve the purpose.

1. Babelfisk

awesome gadgets12 

If you hate taking notes in class, these wonderful glasses with help you out.  They have two microphones that can be directed to where someone is speaking and you have text and audio recorded into a flash drive.

All these neat gadgets mean the future is now, and all these inventions are all proof that we’re live in the age of technology.  From insanely clever to just a little bizarre, these inventions are seriously futuristic.

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