2 Different Sizes of iPhone Due to be Released this Year.


Up to this date iPhone has been relatively smaller in size as compared to it counterpart but there are rumours that this time around we might get to see something big. Tentative sizes are one being bigger than 4.5 inch while the other even bigger than 5 inches that are due this year. This however is not to compete with other mobiles out there rather to capture the market in China where bigger mobile phones have gained much value in the recent past. Apple wants a piece of the pie in that huge market.

It is said that the smaller iPhone (larger than 4.5 inches) is past the initial development phase and is being prepared for mass production. The story for the larger one (bigger than 5 inches) goes like that it is still in the initial development stages and there still remains a question mark as to whether it will be even released or not. How large will be the iPhone greater than 5 inch still remains a mystery but one thing is for sure that Apple is now showing sign to compromise on size and their motto “phone big enough to be used by a single hand” is no longer the governing factor in sizing of their new products as far as iPhone is concerned. This is all that is know at the moment and we suppose only time will reveal what kind of goodies will Apple reveal from their bags.

iPhone reach

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