20 Geeks Who Won At Executing Unconventional Wedding Ideas

Aaaaah…..You’re getting married and you want your wedding to be memorable.  You want your wedding to be unique, unconventional, and totally awesome.  Here are a few very different wedding ideas that will make your wedding the one that everyone talks about.

You don’t want your big day to be any other day.  These wedding ideas will make sure you’ll stand out.  Whether there are food trucks, advice cards, or DIY aisle runners, you wedding will be the talk of the town.

20. Make centrepieces using books for a rustic themed wedding.

unconventional wedding28

19. Your guests will thank you later for this essential hangover kit.

unconventional wedding27

18. No better way to celebrate other than with confetti.

unconventional wedding26

17. Name place cards? Or drinks? Or perhaps both?

unconventional wedding25

16. Why have a classic guestbook when you can do it with a twist.

unconventional wedding21

15. Who doesn’t like food trucks? We’re sure your guests will love it. 

unconventional wedding22

14. Waffle wedding cake….SURE!!!

unconventional wedding23

13. Get married in your favourite museum.

unconventional wedding24

12. Handwritten plates. Time consuming but worth it for the personal touch.

unconventional wedding10

11. Save a few bucks my making this DIY chandelier. Decor on a budget. 

unconventional wedding20

10. Unique and creative alternative for wedding favors…..CDs. 

unconventional wedding18

9. A new take on the classic Mad Libs that we all played as kids.

unconventional wedding17

8. Get a bouncy castle…..marriage doesn’t have to mean adulthood, right?

unconventional wedding7

7. Beer pong tourney will bring out your competitive side.

unconventional wedding16

6. Donut hole wedding cake. So, you love donuts…..

unconventional wedding15

5. Perfect for a winter wedding, instead of a regular bouquet.

unconventional wedding5

4. Picnic wedding: It’ll be so charming that your guest will not even think of the lack of comfort. 

unconventional wedding14

3. Apple orchard wedding!!! So cute.

unconventional wedding13

2. Be honest with your guests….and give them something to keep busy with.

unconventional wedding12

1.  Save a bunch and don’t hire a bartender….Use help yourself drink dispensers. 

unconventional wedding9

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