2015 iPhone Photography Awards Show Photography At Its Best

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The iPhone has become one of the most popular phones and it has a camera that’s with us most of the time.  With great camera optics, an amazing signal processor, and the full power of the App Store behind it, the iPhone can help you capture everything from your most precious moments to award winning pictures.  Since 2007, the iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) has awarded and recognized some of the top iPhone photographers in the world.  Since then the competition has become fiercer.  From intimate, thought-provoking moments to stunning, captivating scenes, this year’s iPhone Photography winners are nothing short of impressive.

Today’s iPhone technology has created a new breed of artist….the iPhone photographer.  It may not have the prestige of professional photography yet, but iPhone photography can capture equally impressive material.  The only requirement is that the image be take on an iPhone, iPod, or iPad and that it not be altered in Photoshop or any similar program.  Awards were given in 19 categories, ranging from Abstract to Food to Flowers.  Below we would like to share with you all the 2015 iPhone Photography Award winners.

Photographer:  Michael Koralweski

Category:  Photographer of the Year- 1st place

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Picking up inspiration everywhere:  Koralewski looks for inspiration everywhere he goes and when he spotted an accordionist in Warsaw, he knew he had to take the photo.  “His face was like an open book,” he explains.

Photographer:  David Craik

Category:  Photographer of the Year- 2nd place

iphone awards2 

Shooting images never seen before:  Craik believes the only restriction on a photographer is the photographer’s own imagination.  This philosophy is apparent in his distinctive image of Starling birds that had descended on his cafe table.

Photograher:  Yvonne Lu

Category:  Photographer of the Year- 3rd place

iphone awards3

Capturing moments along the journey:  Lu captured a quiet, yet captivating image of a pair of travellers on a train along the Hudson River.  “The couple looks like they don’t need anything else in the world,” she says.

Photographer:  Ben Schuyler

Category:  Abstract- 1st place

iphone awards4 

Photographer:  Sephi Bergerson

Category:  Animals-1st place

iphone awards5 

Photographer:  Christian Frank

Category:  Architecture-1st place

iphone awards6 

Photographer:  Jeremy Kern

Category:  Children-1st place

iphone awards7 

Photographer:  Amy Paterson

Category:  Flowers, 1st place

iphone awards8 

Photographer:  Xu Lin

Category:  Food- 1st place

iphone awards9 

Photographer:  Chris Belcina

Category:  Landscape- 1st place

iphone awards10 

Photographer:  Fabio Alvarez

Category:  Lifestyle- 1st place

iphone awards11 

Photographer:  Yvonne Naughton

Category:  Nature -1st place

iphone awards12 

Photographer:  Jesse Alkire

Category:  News Events- 1st place

iphone awards13 

Photographer:  Andre Malerba

Category:  Panorama- 1st place

iphone awards14 

Photographer:  Robert Radesic

Category:  Sunset-1st place

iphone awards15 

Photographer:  Heather Gross

Category:  Seasons- 1st place

iphone awards16 

Photographer:  Song Han

Category:  People- 1st place

iphone awards17 

Photographer:  Ruairdh McGlynn

Category:  Trees- 1st place

iphone awards18 

Photographer:  Cindy Buske

Category:  Still Life-1st place

iphone awards19 

Photographer:  Ahmed Solimani

Category:  Travel- 1st place

iphone awards20 

Photographer:  Daniele Colombera

Category:  Portrait-1st place

iphone awards21 

Photographer:  Jose Luiz Saez Martinez

Category:  Others- 1st place

iphone awards22 

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