22 Adorably Geeky Newborns Who Take After Their Geeky Parents

Newborn babies are funny little creatures and what better way to celebrate their arrival than a photo shoot.  If you’re nerdy parents then you’ll want to dress your newborn in your favourite characters from Disney movies, sci-fi movies, books, and TV shows.   It sure seems as if the parents are having more fun than these little munchkins.

In order to have a successful shoot there are a few things to keep in mind.  First and foremost your baby should be comfortable, not overdressed, and not hungry, but as parents of a newborn we’re sure you already know this.

Baby Hobbit

Katrina Elena Photography - Palm Beach County PhotographerBaby Doctor Who

baby16Baby Luke

baby17Baby Batman And Baby Wonder Woman

baby18Baby Batman

baby19Baby Alice in Wonderland

baby20Baby Ninja Turtle

baby21Baby Wonderwoman

baby22Baby Spiderman

baby9Baby Yoda

baby10Baby Olaf

baby11Baby Luke Skywalker

baby12Baby Knight

baby13Baby Gamer

baby14Baby Princess Leia

baby1Baby Mario

baby2Baby Ninja Turtle

baby3Baby Spock

baby4Baby Flash

baby5Baby Ewok

baby6Baby Star Wars Jedi

baby7Baby Harry Potter


Babies are adorable all the way from their itty bitty nose right down to the teeny tiny toes.  We just can’t get enough of these baby pictures.  We’re sure there were lots of ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaaahs’ while looking at these absolutely adorable baby pictures.

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