4 In 1 Kickstand Pump Will Cater To All Your Biking Needs

As the warm weather is around we see cyclists up and about. Some ride for fun and others are training for races. Cyclists have had the misfortune of ending up with flat tires, wishing they had brought their bike pump with them. Now there’s a new gadget out there called the Kickstand Bike Pump. It’s currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

kickstandpump6As well as being a kickstand and a pump for your bike, the new Kickstand Bike Pump also includes a tail light and can be used as a tire lever to help repair punctures. Pil Ho Kim is the founder of Leeman Co. Ltd., and the brainchild of this new innovation. Many die hard cyclists have their kickstand removed in order to get rid of the extra weight they would be lugging around. This new gadget combines a tube, tire lever, a pump, and a tail light all in one tool that weighs a little more than 200 grams.


The aluminum alloy construction and pipe design matches perfectly with your bike’s frame design and does not affect or alter your bike’s frame in any way. It’s is quite sturdy so you don’t have to worry about Kickstand Pump being fragile or breaking. The pump can reach up to 120 psi currently and the company is working on achieving 160 psi so that riders will have the convenience of filing a flat tire while riding.

kickstandpump2 kickstandpump3

This cool gadget also has a red flashing LED on the end, which can be used as a tail light. When and if the Kickstand Pump reaches production, you can get one for $45.

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