4 Technologies That Are Changing The Airports of Today

4 Technologies That Are Changing The Airports of Today

Technology has changed the way we live our lives. It is the only technology that allows us to send instant messages quickly, cook our food perfectly and travel miles without any trouble. We are so used to the technology that we cannot even imagine a world without it. It has changed everything around us, from our clothes to our food to our vehicles, and now airports too. When you think about it, airports have always been technologically advanced, but new tech has only made them more visitor-friendly and secure. Let’s have a look at four technologies that are changing the airports of today.

1. Biometrics4 Technologies That Are Changing The Airports of Today

Biometrics is not a new technology. It has been out there for quite some time, but it is only now that it has started to find its way into the airline industry. The technology can truly revolutionize the standards and have a huge impact on the industry. Many carriers have already introduced biometric processing, and more are expected to follow suit.

Two major US airlines, JetBlue and Delta, joined hands with government agencies to work on different aspects of biometric technology including facial recognition and fingerprint technology.

London’s Heathrow airport has already installed some biometric-enabled boarding gates, and some other airports are also expected to jump the bandwagon given the benefits of the technology. Officials from Dubai Airport recently announced their intention to announce a more secure system that will include biometrics as well.

Experts are pushing for a solution where your face can be used as your passport, which would remove the need to carry a physical password and also reduce risks associated with identity theft, which is surprisingly common at airports as well where people fly with fake passports.

Some other major airports around the world have also introduced biometric technology in some way. These include the famous Changi Airport and Sydney Airport as well, with the latter planning to introduce newer technology this year. Biometric technology cannot only make travel safe but also allow passengers to get the information that they need easily.

Information is all stored on the servers which can be accessed with the help of biometric systems. This would not only keep the information safe and secure but also allow travelers to get what they need without any trouble. Many airlines are planning to introduce biometric systems to improve the on-flight experience as well. Tascent plans on using the technology to improve immigration and also work on payments for in-flight services.

Biometric technology is already in our hands in the form of iPhone X. The magical phone can recognize faces and also allow people to get used to this technology. This way once the technology gets introduced at a larger scale, people would already be well aware of it.

2. Robotics4 Technologies That Are Changing The Airports of Today

Robots are everywhere. You will read hundreds of articles about how robots are the future and soon you will see robots at airports as well. This is not far from reality as Japan already has a restaurant where robots serve people. This can happen at airports as well as robots helping people and answering questions for them.

Japan is far ahead in this race as well. One of its largest robotics companies, Haneda Robotics Lab, is already planning on putting robots in a real situation to see how it goes. These robots are designed to perform some tasks including helping customers find their way at the airport and help with luggage matters as well. Moreover, they can also make airports more secure by helping in identifying potential risks.

The main aim of this test is to be able to deploy a large army of robots at Haneda Airport to welcome guests in Tokyo for Olympics in 2020. While Japan is more ahead regarding technology, it is not the only country that is working towards making its airports more safe with the help of robots. Incheon Airport is also taking steps to introduce robots in its real environment.

3. Magnetic Cards and Readers4 Technologies That Are Changing The Airports of Today

Airports may soon allow customers to carry magnetic cards to transfer information into the system. Customers can upload their documents such as tickets, passports, and visas on a card and then upload it at the airport using card readers. You can find more information on card readers online and how they can make the world a safer place.

4. Blockchain4 Technologies That Are Changing The Airports of Today

Thanks to Bitcoin, almost everyone knows about blockchain already. The technology is not new, as it is now being used all around the world for different purposes, and many airports seem to have jumped the bandwagon as well. Firstly, remember that we are talking about blockchain technology and not Bitcoin here. While the two are linked together, blockchain offers a lot more than just cryptocurrencies.

The blockchain is mainly a secure way to complete transactions, which makes it a good option to trade data. Many airlines are already working on using the technology to improve the distribution of data. Miami International Airport also joined hands with Heathrow Airport to study about how the technology can be used to transfer data securely. Many airports around the world have already introduced some of these technologies, and some are working on bringing improvements offered by these technologies.

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4 Technologies That Are Changing The Airports of Today

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