5 Mysteries that are Still Unsolved in the Modern World


Life as we know it is a mystery in itself. There are many things around us that bewilder our minds, some stupefy us while others leave us searching for answers. Today, we have collected 5 mysteries that still have to reach to their end.

5- The Mpemba Effect

The Mpemba Effect

The Mpemba effect is that warmer water can freeze faster than colder water. Although there is little support for the effect, there is no agreement on exactly what the effect is and under what circumstances it occurs. Reports are that the phenomenon has been there since ancient times, however, fewer reports exist of its replication.

4- Rongorongo


Easter Island is a mystery in itself, but what makes it more mysterious is ‘Rongorongo’, which is a system of glyphs discovered in the 19th century on Easter Island that appears to be writing or maybe pro-writing. Despite several attempts, none has succeeded at deciphering it. Some calendrical and genealogical information has been deducted, but the glyphs themselves can’t be read or identified. If in the future, Rongorongo turns out to be a writing, then it may as well be from the few independent writing inventions in human history.

3- Honey bees

Honey bee

We all enjoy a bit of honey in our daily food but what’s fascinating is that scientists are still struggling to fully apprehend as to how the honey bee makes the honey. Although many of the processes and activities that bees goes through have been understood and studied by the scientists, some of them still remain a mystery. The process that a bee goes through to make honey is well understood but how the honey bee actually produces these natural chemicals within their tiny bodies baffles scientists.

5 Mysteries that are Still Unsolved in the Modern World

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