5 Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy in a Busy Lifestyle.

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So you just graduated from college/university and got a good job, but the schedule is too hectic. You had been working out throughout your life and now you don’t get even a single hour to continue that physical fitness regime. You see most of the staff at your office having big bellies, and fear that in 5 years’ time you will end up like them. I am going to give you 5 ways using which you can keep yourself healthy, if you have a tight schedule and you can’t get the time to actually go exercise.

Cartoon 15. Eat Healthy


This goes without saying and should’ve been obvious since the start of this article. I kept it last, because this is the most difficult habit to change. You have been eating all the fast food in the world during your college years, without you gaining weight. What you don’t realize now, is that your physical activities have lowered. You are getting fat, eating the same amount of food that you had been eating your entire teens and early twenties. If you want to keep the same number of meals every day, lower the amount of portion that you put in your plate every time. Trust me!!! Grilled stuff tastes as good as the fast food that you have been eating. Add some fiber bread and you can make an awesome sandwich. There are hundreds and thousands of different recipes about meat that you can cook in a healthy way. And fruit just tastes so much better than ice cream or that creamy sweet that you like. Want some soda, make some fresh juice of the fruits, or some milkshake.

4. Play with your Kids/Talk with your Spouse

br106By now you’ll either have kids or at least a partner in your life. If you have kids, play physical sports or games with them. Kids are ridiculously hyper and they will take the breath out of you in no time, giving you a good workout and this will make your children happier than ever, since they will have you around in there activates. Win win for both parties.parents-playing-tag-with-sonIf you don’t have kids but have a spouse and you talk with him/her every night before sleep in the bed. Instead of discussing the highs and lows of life with them in the bed. Walk with them outside if the weather is nice, or walk inside your house talking about whatever stuff which needs fixing. This physical activity will give you a better sleep, and will keep you healthy as well.

3. Drink lots and lots of water


If you drink a lot of water, not only does your immune system remain clean. You also go a lot to the toilet for peeing.

2. Park Far away


If your office only has 1 or two floors you must have been thinking and would have looked at least once at the roof reading point number 1, that it is worthless to you. Well don’t worry. You must take a car or a metro to work, right? Well, park the car farthest from your office, giving yourself enough time to walk (at least 5 minutes each side). Same goes for the metro. If the second last station to your destination isn’t too far away. Drop of at that and walk your way to the office.

1. Take the stairs


If you have a desk job, and you end up being on the 50th floor of the building. Take the elevator up to 47th-48th floor, take the stairs for the remaining floors. Keep on doing this every day.

The activities above will not give you six pack abs, but these will definitely keep you going physically, which is the most important thing in a hectic desk job.

Note: The article is written by the author on the basis of personal daily life.

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