Top 6 Best Movies based on Video Games


It seems like every single time Hollywood has tries to adapt a film into a game or vice versa, the results are terrible. But the new slew of content coming out of the world of video game companies like Ubisoft and EA is nothing short of inspiring. The upcoming Assassins Creed movie, in 2015, the ‘Metal Gear’, ‘Uncharted’ & ‘Mass Effect’ are such prime examples.

by ~boup0quod

I set out to make a top 10 list, but then in the middle I realized there really aren’t 10 such movies that I like. Creating a list for the worst video game movies would have been quite easy, on the other hand. Whereas, this was a difficult list, because historically speaking, not many video game adaptations are successful, if any. So for this list, I have decided only to list those movies which actually were ‘enjoyable’, not those which were necessarily the most faithful to the source story or most grossing overall.

6. Street Fighter (1994)

This is going to make a lot of people angry, but I have to say, Street Fighter was a fun movie. That’s all it was, nothing more, nothing less. Raúl Juliá as Bison is amazing, which was sadly his last performance. He’s the best bad guy in the worst movie. Van Damme is enjoyable for what he does, even if his character is pretty awful. Also, the movie is really visually interesting. Bright poppy colors and crazy sets all over the place; there are like thirty amazing things in Bison’s bedroom alone.

This movie actually succeeds when it’s trying to be funny. There are some decent one-liners, and things like the “we can go home” speech and the Godzilla noises during the Zangief/Honda fight are so campy that you’d have to think they were intentionally for laughs. Ming-Na Wen is pretty good as Chun-Li, when she actually has stuff to do, and the dudes playing Balrog and Honda aren’t bad either. Kylie Minogue is… well, she’s really pretty. It’s hard to really even get into performances because so many of the actors have so little to do, but Ming-Na Wen is good. She shares the best scene in the movie with Julia and holds her own really well.

Nothing that happens in this movie actually makes much sense. It’s way, way overstuffed. Too many characters, too many subplots that don’t go anywhere. When did Dee Jay suddenly become a greedy opportunist? There’s no set up for that. What ends up happening with that diplomat guy? Nothing. It’s just dropped. The movie even gives up on itself. It ends with extra explosions that happen for no reason, then poses. It’s a video game about a fighting tournament. Why is the movie a war flick? I understand if you want to spice up your fighting movie with some international intrigue, but at the expense of virtually all the fighting?

I think you can sum up everything wrong with the movie’s approach to its source material just by saying “This is a Street Fighter movie where nobody does a Hadouken.” Guys. That is the trademark of the franchise.

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Top 6 Best Movies based on Video Games

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