8 Basic Features of PDF Besides Safekeeping Documents

Benefits of PDF

PDF is a great format for handling documents. While it keeps the context and layout same, it doesn’t need some tweaking if you need to edit the same thing. Even though, most files in PDF are converted using heavy software, following we will are going to introduce some guidelines that will help you accomplish different tasks

Merge Two PDF Documents Together

If you have several PDF documents and you want to merge them in a single file, and then do it with sodapdf. This is a PDF editor that lets you merge different PDF files into one and edit them as per your requirement. There is much software available that allows you to do this.

Edit the PDF File

PDF files are read-only documents. But you can make necessary changes in them. You can do it by using an editor, like the one we mentioned before, load the document in this software and wait for the interface to load properly before you start making changes.

Translate a PDF Document

If you receive a PDF document that is in some foreign language, don’t panic. There is a viable solution. You can easily translate the context using Google Translate. Once you got the document open, you need upload it to translate bar, translate the context and copy translated context into the document.

Convert Multiple Documents into PDF

When you have a bunch of documents that need to be converted into PDF, you do this by using extended conversion option of Soda PDF. This is premium PDF software which offers more than just basic solutions.

Print and Copy a Restricted PDF File

You may come across a file that has restrictions applied to PDF documents. So what do you do? It’s simple. First, you work on the password. Either you have the password, or you crack it by using PDF crack. This will help you crack the password easily.

Convert PDF to Other Format

If you need to convert a PDF document to another format like HTML or MS Word Office. Following, let us explain how this is achieved. The SodaPDF has options for all conversion. Just go to Convert Tab and select your preferred format.

Extract Text from a Scanned PDF File

It’s nothing of a challenge. You need to upload the given file to Google Docs, and it will be covert the scanned context in the text in just a snap.

If you are not a Google Doc User, then you can rely on Soda PDF to do it for you.

Extract Selected Pages from PDF File

If you have a PDF file with tons of pages, and you only need to extract a few pages, then you need to select the PDF file, read and highlight the pages. Once done, start extracting them manually. This will take a bit of time but its nothing complicated. So invest your tie in finding the context you would like to extract before giving the file any another name. Don’t be careless about the content or it will cost you.

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8 Basic Features of PDF Besides Safekeeping Documents

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