A Beautiful Fireplace in Just a Weekend

Who doesn’t like sitting in front of a toasty fireplace?  On a cold winter day and a cup of hot cocoa in your hands, a fireplace is ideal.  People constantly want to trade in the old for the new and sometimes upgrading and renovating becomes great DIY home projects.  That’s exactly how this guy gives his fireplace a facelift.

This is the original fireplace before he went to work on it.


He removed the original covering first.


He then made a new hearth with study wooden planks and added a mantel made from reclaimed wood.


He temporarily removed the hearth and mantel to add a concrete layer and a cement board.  This was made to serve as the foundation for……


….a brick finish.


Definitely better than the original pink tile.


Once all the bricks were in place….


He reassembled the hearth and mantel which he painted white.


Here’s the finished product and the proud and hard working builder.


Seems like a nice weekend project and it just proves that you can do anything you put your mind to.

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