A Breakthrough Phase Changing Battery on This Solar Grill Helps you Cook Even Without Sunlight

We are talking about the Go Sun Grill, the amazing cooking device that is equipped with a thermal battery that charges so you can cook even in the night.

GoSun Grill (2)

This grill works without any fuel, making it easy to carry, clean and function. Using its special solar operated mechanism, the grill cooks faster, and that too enough for eight people. Now that’s quantity on a solar powered cooking gadget!

GoSun Grill (2)

The thermal battery add-on in this gadget is what makes it unique among all other solar cookers. The battery is an innovative design, that allows cooking on rainy or cloudy days, emitting an even heat and maintaining an optimal cooking temperature. The battery was created after a year long pilot study, setting out as a sand filled battery but was perfected with a “Phase Change Medium”, encapsulated within an aluminum extrusion, capable of holding large amount of heat for when required. “Through the process of melting the PCM at roughly 310°F or 155°C, the Sun’s energy is stored for use later in the day. Capable of reaching temperatures over 400°F or 205°C, this heat is fully insulated while left inside the evacuated tube chamber,” the designers explain.

Go Sun Grill Battery

When the grill is operated, the phase change material, which is non-toxic, non-corrosive organic wax, begins to change its phases. It freezes, changing back from its liquid state to solid one, releasing its heat evenly to the food in contact with the battery over two layers of metal. The thermal battery takes 2 hours to preheat, after which you are good to cook! The batter is hermetically sealed, making it safe to use and easy to handle.

GoSun Grill (4)

Go Sun Grill has been designed to cook the food evenly and keep in the moisture.With no fuel to worry about, the cleaning process is easy, and so is portability. Go Sun Grill can be taken anywhere, owing to its light weight as well.

The grill sports a stainless steel insulated lid, steel panels with enamel, an aluminium tray, and rubber grips for convenient use. With a frame of stainless steel and mirrored aluminium reflectors, it rests on stable rubber feet and remains cool to the touch. Go Sun Grill 11GoSun Grill (1)

The Go Sun Grill was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign back in October 2013. Now, it is ready with an improved design and available for a pre-order price of $499 – a $100 off on the original price.

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