A Guy Disassembled Two Lighters, What He Did Next Was Mind Blowing

If you use disposable lighters, what do you do with them when they’re empty?  Throwing them away seems wasteful if you’re a DIY enthusiast.  Luckily, one daring DIYer decided to brave the nearly incomprehensible instructions to build a lightercycle.  Armed with a couple of plastic lighters and a few basic tools, you could build one too.

This one man picked up two household lighters, but he didn’t just see lighters, instead he envisioned something else….so he decided to find a way to bring it out.  This is true awesomeness.

This is what you should have when you disassemble two lighters. 


Put your creative mind to work and tiny parts become something cooler.


An ordinary household light transforms before your very eyes.


See what it’s turning out to be?

Turn a Lighter Into a Mini Bike



Tiny, awesome minibikes…..or lightercycles sounds better.


Unbelievable what a little imagination can accomplish.


Each of these were created solely with household lighter parts and to think it all began with this.


It truly is amazing how creative some people are.  To us normal people it’s just two lighters, to others it’s a lightercycle.  To make things easier there’s a video that demonstrates the entire process and if you can read Chinese, there’s also a step by step instruction guide.  So, if you like building things, have time on your hands, have lots of patience, and nimble fingers you could turn a pair of disposable lighters into an awesome motorcycle.

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