A living Rock!

Ever heard of a living rock? A rock that reproduces too? Well, it goes by the name of Pyura chilensis..

Yeah, it’s completely immobile and just sits there sucking in air and filtering out microorganisms for it’s consumption. It also throws out clouds of sperms into water to make more immobile rock creatures. If it is alone, it reproduces by self-fertilization. Dissecting it shows its internal organs as blood red with high concentration of vanadium. It is usually found in dense aggregations in the intertidal zone and subtidal coast of Chile and Peru.


What’s more interesting is that this creature is a part of cuisine in Chile. It can be eaten raw, or cooked, and tastes delicious. Well, I’m not sure about that though. And due to presence of vanadium, it’s really not so safe to eat, so…



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