A Real Life Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman In Birmingham

There’s a hero inside of all of us and this young chap from Birmingham, England has proven it.  This anonymous Spiderman likes to put on a costume and deliver meals to local homeless people.

spiderman1 spiderman2 spiderman7


This friendly neighbourhood Spidey has a hidden identity and that’s how he would like to keep things.  What we do know is that he is 20 years old and is a bartender.  He uses his own money to buy sandwiches and a bottle of water to feed the homeless.  He says, “I’ve learned that everyone is the same, we’re all part of the human experience and I believe that we need to look at everyone as humans and help each other the same as we would a close friend.”

spiderman9 spiderman8 spiderman6 spiderman5

He follows the comic book story by putting on his Spiderman outfit in some quiet alley.  Then he goes out and begins to feed the hungry homeless.  His good deeds have attracted the attention of many community members, who have offered to donate money to his cause, but the do-gooder doesn’t accept their donations and instead, urges them to go out and get involved. When asked why he did what he did, he said “I’m just going out dressed as Spiderman, doing heroic things like feeding the homeless.  Everyone’s gotta have a day job, or night job in this case.”

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