A To-Do List On Your Wrist by To-Do Analog Organizers

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Are you one of those people who despite having a smartphone like to jot down your to-do list on a piece of paper or your hand for that matter?  To save you from a trail of ink, the team at To-Do Analog has created a cute little chalkboard to be worn around your wrist like a watch.

to do watch1

This new kind of task manager allows you to write down lists, reminders, or even inspirational quotes you don’t want to forget.  The To-Do watch is made of natural, recycled wood and it’s top is a chalkboard coating.  It’s available in several wood finishes; sandalwood, walnut and maple.  The strap is made of genuine calf skin.

to do watch4

With the to-do watch strapped to your wrist, your goals and notes will always be in sight and serve as a constant reminder.  This watch suits everyone in everyday life as well as in the workplace.  The package includes a liquid chalk marker and a leather eraser.  The company is worried about our environment so it has produced the watch with recycle wood without any harm to the environment and a part of the funds raised will go into planting trees.

to do watch2

So in order to eliminate the chaos created with sticky notes and sheets of paper, turn to ‘To-Do’.  The limited space on the surface forces you to prioritize your tasks.  The To-Do watch went through many trials and test before coming up the perfect design and simple shape.  If everything goes as planned, then the To-Do wristwatch will be shipped out by February 2016.  One full To-Do set with a wooden case of your choice will cost US $59.

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