Add Memory And Battery To Smartphones Using i-Blades Smartcase

We all know how dependent we are on our smartphones, right? The biggest issues with these amazing gadgets are the persistent ones; battery and memory. You seem to run out of battery at the time when you need your smartphone the most and you just run out of memory when you have to make a video or download that amazing movie. i-Blades is a startup hailing from Silicon Valley that is hoping to tackle these problems with its smart-case technology.Add Memory And Battery To Smartphones Using i-Blades Smartcase 5

According to the company, its technology can power the phone up to 10 times and the memory can be enhanced to 1 Terabyte. How is it achieved? The company makes use of a Snap-on and Snap-off ‘smart blades’ that are extremely thin. These blades can be mixed and matched to impart variable function to smartphone. These blades are attached to the back of i-Blades Smartcase by employing use of magnetism. The blades can be stacked on top of one another thus imparting both memory and battery at the same time.Add Memory And Battery To Smartphones Using i-Blades Smartcase

The case comes with a built-in MCU that can autonomously ascertain when a memory blade or a battery blade has been attached and imparts the functionality via an app that comes as part of the package. The smartcase along with multiple smart blades can be charged together along with your phone or separately, depending upon user’s discretion.

There are no ports or wires to establish the connection between smart blades and smartcase. The connectivity is achieved via company’s Automatic Contact System (ACS) technology. Once a smart blade is connected to the smartcase, the circular contact array creates a hard-wired high-speed data connection. The company claims that all the smart blades are going to compatible with the existing and future smartcases. The phone’s operating system has no part to play in this. Only the smartcases will change based on whether they are being used with Android or iOS.Add Memory And Battery To Smartphones Using i-Blades Smartcase 2

The company has already designs for smart cases that work with Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S6 phones while iPhone smart cases are being worked upon. The smart blades are slated to be 2-9 mm in thickness based on their functionality. The company also said that they have plans for adding sensors that can be used in conjunction with medical applications and outdoor sports.Add Memory And Battery To Smartphones Using i-Blades Smartcase 4

i-Blades is running an Indiegogo campaign with the goal of raising $30,000. The smart blades are slated to be available in different memory sizes ranging from 1 Terabyte to 64GB. The smartcases are available separately with early pledge prices of $49-75. You can bid combined with a smart battery blade for $99 or with a battery and memory blade combo for $125 to $145 based upon the type of case. If everything goes according to plan, the smartcases will be available by May, 2016.


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