AirGuard- The Second-hand Smoke Detector

There are many smoke free area now-a-days, whether they’re hotels, office buildings, or even you kid’s bedroom. Most people love the idea, but there are those few who will try to beat the system and smoke in prohibited places.  Now there’s a new narc in town……AirGuard, a smoke detection system that detects secondhand cigarette and marijuana smoke.  Violations are reported via Wi-Fi or recorded and then retrieved via Bluetooth.

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New Hampshire based association, FreshAir Sensor was founded by Dartmouth Professor of Chemistry, Joe BelBruno. He created “AirGuard” to be able to catch rule breaking smokers who violate the no-smoking policy.  It is a seconhad smoke detector installed to a power outlet or hardwired into the building systems, monitored by wi-fi with 24/7 reporting to the owner of violations, and the data is logged on-board and can be retrieved at any time.  Also the device is tamper proof so you can’t beat the system anymore.


AirGuard comes in two forms, a two-plug adapter that fits over existen wall outlets or a palm sized battery powered device. The plug-in detector uses Wi-Fi  to send information and continuously operates to monitor the room environment.  Data is stored in the built in memory.  If a violation occurs, the owner is immediately notified via email.  The wearable unit is battery powered and fits in the palm of your hand.  It can detect nicotine or components of marijuana smoke.  It records to an internal memory so that the permament record of events is retrievable.  The device communicates via bluetooth and users interact via an Android app.

There is a wide range of application for this product and the company, FreshAir will first market the device to hotel chains where smoking violations are frequent. We have not heard anything on pricing yet or when the plug in dector will be available, but the wearable device might be seen in Spring 2015.

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