Alfa Romeo Giulia Is The M4 Contender


Alfa Romeo is trying to get back in America after staying out for a long time and start up again in the American Market and everywhere else with everything they’ve got. Along with having a halo in the 4C, this Italian automaker has now revealed their new Giulia. In competition with the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, Mercedes C-Class and Jaguar XE, this new Giulia is ought to be good to make an impact. Lucky for them, their first signs are promising.maxresdefault


This new Giulia features a pretty face, just like all the Alfa Romeos in the past. The proportions of the car are neat and compact with short overhangs sitting on a long wheelbase. The front is laced with the classic Alfa Romeo triangular chrome grille. The sheet metal does not have many over-elaborate shapes or elements, instead it is of simple shape that looks squat and sporty.Alfa Romeo Giulia 5 Alfa Romeo Giulia 3 Alfa Romeo Giulia 4

This styling of the Giulia helps the fact that they are yet to provide the customers with images of low-end, small-wheeled variations. The M4-rivaling Quadrifoglio is the only model shown so far, that is claimed to hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.9 seconds, due to its 510 HP (380 kW) six cylinder turbo engine. The 3.9 second benchmark is the same as the one M4 offers, which serves as evidence that Alfa had their eyes on beating the class leader.


A 50-50 weight distribution and a modified multi-link suspension system supporting that powerful motor, allows the car to maintain the ideal contact patch on the road during strong cornering. Engine’s power is kept in check using the vectoring of torque. Stability control is provided by the Integrated Brake System of the new Alfa. And the automobile also offers impressive stopping distances and natural- feeling response using the traditional brake servo.Alfa Romeo Giulia

The carbon fiber prop-shaft and the lightweight weave for the roof and bonnet on the Giulia are also similar to the BMW’s M4. The aluminum used in engine, brakes, suspension and doors significantly cuts the weight of the automobile, giving it a 3 kg/hp power to weight ratio. Even with the low weight, The Alfa is claimed to be a class-leading torsional rigidity from its body, which helps in handling and safety of the car.

On the 105th anniversary of the Italian Automobile Maker, The new Giulia was unveiled at a press even at Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese, near Milan. The car will be available in showrooms by the start of 2016, with a word on pricing to be released, near to the launch of the automobile.


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Alfa Romeo Giulia Is The M4 Contender

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