Amateur Meteorologists Help Create World’s First Real-time Lightning Map

This is just wonderful; another example of people across the world collaborating to produce something beautiful.

Realized by connecting lightning receivers to the web the project was developed by Wanke two years ago. Wanke decided to develop his system for lightning detection mostly because he wanted to democratise access to information on lightning strikes. “His goal was to create something really low-cost,” Volgnandt told Solon over the phone. “It is also about providing free maps for everyone and having some fun.”


Named the Blitzortung map, this map is a product of over 800 volunteers around the globe who using their receivers and GPS systems convey real-time information to the network. Here is how it works:

“Once the receiver is built, users can connect it to the internet and Blitzortung’s central processing servers receive the data and can then calculate the exact positions of the discharges that have been detected, based on the intensity of the measurements combined with the GPS location of the receiver. This data is then published in real-time to the website. Individuals who supply data to the network are free to use the raw data for non-commercial purposes.”

You can access this beautiful idea here.


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