Arachnophobia Is A Spider Clock Created As A Tribute To Louise Bourgeois

aranchnophobia spider clock 1

The Maman is a famous sculpture on show in Ottawa, Canada created by the iconic artists Louise Bourgeois. No doubt Bourgeois was a very famous modern artist and now two Swiss companies have collaborated to pay their respects to him by creating a high-end clock that resembles… A spider!

aranchnophobia spider clock 4

They have ingeniously named it Arachnophobia. This one of a kind clock is the brainchild of Geneva-based horologist Maximilian Büsser who is the founder of MB&F, and Swiss manufacturer L’Epée 1839. The body of the clock has eight legs sprouting out of it held together by ball and socket joints which make it look like a giant spider when placed on the table.

The material used in the production is very high end and sturdiness has been kept in mind. The shock protection system called Incabloc makes it able to withstand transportation and handling. The legs are made of injection molded aluminum and are hand finished. Methods used in the production of luxury wrist watches like Côtes de Genève have been applied, including polishing, sand-blasting and circular and vertical satin finishing.

aranchnophobia spider clock 5

The actual part of the clock that shows the time in white numerals makes up the torso of the spider shaped as a black dome. The head also has the regulator with its balance wheel installed and the other end houses the power generating mainspring. The key to wind up and make the Arachnophobia work lies under the spider’s body in order for the user to “interact and build a relationship” with the clock and has to be done weekly, as the power lasts roughly eight days.

aranchnophobia spider clock 3

There are many ways that the Arachnophobia can be set-up. It can be placed on a table like a spider. It can be mounted on a wall. Its front legs can even be pushed down a little with its back raised to give a more sinister, attacking spider look, although we won’t recommend that to the faint hearted.

aranchnophobia spider clock 2

There are two versions of this clock. A simple black one and a 18-k gold plated one, with gold plated brass legs. The weight is 1.96kg (4.3lbs) for the gold-plated version, while the black version weighs in at 0.96kg (2.16lbs). The span with flattened legs is 40.5 cm (16in) while it stands at 20.3 cm (8in).

aranchnophobia spider clock 6

To own the Arachnophobia, you will have to cough up a whopping $15,700 out of your pocket. The gold-plated version is even more expensive, priced at $18,000. So we suggest that unless your loved one has a weird liking of spiders, buy her something else like a nice and comfortable car, perhaps.

Arachnophobia Is A Spider Clock Created As A Tribute To Louise Bourgeois

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