Arkk Wallet is Secure, Sleek, Sexy and Now Available on Kickstarter!

On the matter of state of the art, minimalist wallets, here’s Mike Gordillo’s sleek design: The Arkk Wallet. What an amazing gadget!

Arkk Wallet (1)

The Arkk Wallet is a truly minmalist design that opens with a left swipe to reveal a flexibly secured card holding compartment. “It is specifically contoured to shape of your thumb to fit like a glove,” says Mike on his Kickstarter info page.

Arkk Wallet (4)

Made from aircraft grade Aluminium, the Arkk Wallet blocks RFID hacking technology. The unique pivot motion secures all your credit cards inside a sleek cover that comes in 3 different colors: Grey/Dark Tamo, Black/Mahogany and White/Light Cherry. For the initial backers, Special Limited Editions Arkk Phantom and Arkk Carbon Fiber are truly chic options.

Arkk Wallet (8)Arkk Wallet (7)Arkk Wallet (9)

Its sleek design with the eye catching appearance make it a unisex wallet that’s easy to pocket or carry in a bag. Paper money can be stored securely at the back with the secure elastic that’s durable. Just 12 mm thick, you don’t have to worry about your wallet bulging up.

Arkk Wallet (3)Arkk Wallet (5)Arkk Wallet (1)

And just when you think that’s all, here’s a surprise: A hidden coin slot! The Arkk Wallet features a coin compartment in its back, so you can organize your quarters and find them without any hassle.

Arkk Wallet (2)Arkk Wallet (6)

To get the Arkk Wallet into production, Mike has set a goal of $16,225 and has taken to Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign. If this has you drooling, go book your custom Arkk Wallet now, we have this gadget on our must have list, what about you?

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