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The Citycopter; A Peek Into the Future

Eduardo Galvani’s new concept of a person compact helicopter that he calls “the Citycopter” is the thing of the future. Imagine flying around in small helicopters, living in tall building with helipads extruding out of the structures of our homes. The vision somewhat resembles the ambiance of “The Jetsons” cartoon...

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Robotic Arm That Catches Objects Which are Thrown

Robots have replaced humans in many fields of life but one rarely thinks that the application of robot would someday replace athletes as well. In today’s article we have one such robot that has the potential to rival major league professionals. The robot can catch things thrown at it with...

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5 animals with insanely long life spans.

Nature never stops to amaze us. Every now and then we find something fascinating as regards to nature and in today’s article we will present 5 animals that have a pretty long life span.

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10 facts about Bruce Lee

The martial arts super star died just at the age of 32 and left a whole lot of people grieving. He was and still is an inspiration to a very wide spectrum of professionals ranging from body builders to movie stars to martial artists. Today to pay a tribute to...

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Facebook buys off whatsApp for $ 19 billion.

Gartner Inc. is an American information technology research and advisory firm head-quartered in Stamford, Connecticut, United States. According to their analyst Brain Blau  “I am not surprised they (Facebook) went after WhatsApp, but the amount is staggering”. The amount is staggering indeed as Facebook is paying $19 billion for the...

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5 Award-Winning Photographs: Volume 2

This is an extension of an article we did before with the same name, you can read the article here. Over 43,000 photos from over 95 counties were entered into the competition. To select the best of them is a mammoth task. However we personally selected a few for you...

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5 Pictures that Shocked the World: Volume 2

We previously wrote an article under the same title that you can see here in which we showcase 5 pictures that were really shocking. This article is an extension of the previous one and hopefully move your heart same as before. 

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5 Award Winning Wildlife Photographs: Volume 1

Nature is beautiful and to capture that is never an easy task. In today’s article we will showcase 5 photographs that got international recognition. The pictures you will see are selected by us out of many, of course all who applied for the competition, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition,...

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A must visit place: Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the few things that can be seen from the space. What is it? It is the largest coral reef system of the world and is made by billions of  tiny organism known as coral polyps. It is composed of over 2,900 individual reefs,...

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