Ballantine Has Created Whiskey Glass That Can Be Used In Zero Gravity

Ballantine has created a whiskey glass that works in zero gravity. The idea is based on the “Stay True” concept of the brand to keep their consumers loyal even in the future when space travel will be a norm. With space tourism already spreading its wings, it was necessary to invent something like this and the credit goes to the brand commissioned group of “space entrepreneurs” from the Open Space Design Agency, headed by scientist James Parr. This glass has been rigorously tested at the ZARM Drop Tower in Bremen, Germany under micro gravity (zero gravity) conditions to prove its functionality in outer space.

The development of the glass is focused on making the process as earth like as possible even in zero gravity conditions. The human senses of smell and taste don’t work that well in space so it was necessary to create a stronger whisky which could be tasted immaculately in space. Astronauts have complained before about how they miss different flavors during their long space missions, and a new flavor was developed to remind them of the things they do at home normally so that they could have a more similar experience.

Ballantine Space Glass 1

The pouring mechanism of the whiskey into the glass involved a nozzle at the base of the Space Glass. Strong magnets hold the glass together and create a downward pressure that slowly releases the whiskey into the glass through a valve.

Ballantine Space Glass 2

The golden mouth clip is shaped to give the users a similar experience to normal glass and another opening releases the aroma. The base, as mentioned before, is fitted with magnets so that the glass can stick to magnetic surfaces and they drink isn’t spilt. Now the astronauts can surely have a little more fun during their space missions as well.

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