Barsha Irrigation Pump Runs Without Any Fuel


An irrigation pump that runs without any fuel or any electricity has been invented by a Dutch startup company called aQysta. Barsha Irrigation Pump has won Europe’s best clean-technology innovation of 2014.

This irrigation pump runs on capitalized energy of a water body like a river. This pump comprises of a single wheel that sits on a platform. This platform is set floating on water, and the water passes under the wheel.


As this water passes under the wheel, it causes the wheel to spin. This spinning of water allows a special mechanism to compress air within it. This air then forces water through a water pipe that connects to the irrigation pump. As long as the water is flowing, The Barsha pump keeps pumping water endlessly.


This pump can supply water up to a height of 25 meters. The best records up till now set at 1 liter per second. This can improve the crop yields five times as their normal count in the developing countries. As the pump runs on clean energy, there are no harmful emissions as well.


According to a statement on Company’s website,“Our hydro-powered pump easily implemented anywhere where there is flowing water nearby and requires very little maintenance. Furthermore, by doubling yields by proper irrigation, Barsha will pay back for itself within 18 months.”

The developing countries without electricity and fuel will be provided with Barsha irrigation pumps to assist them in supplying water as they cannot utilize the current water pumping technology.

Barsha Irrigation Pump Runs Without Any Fuel

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