Batband By Studio Banana Things Delivers Music Through Bone Conduction

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Tangled headphone wires can be such a pain.  Now you don’t have to deal that mess with Batband.  Developed by London-based Studio Banana Things, Hatband uses bone conduction to play music through your skull.  Sounds weird huh?  The company is raising money on Kickstarter to fund production of the band.


The designers have developed this headband that sits on the rear of the skull.  It doesn’t block your ears with earbuds, so you’re full aware of your surroundings.  A mic is also built into this horseshoe shaped head band so you can take calls hands-free.  There are two integrated touch sensors, so you can control its features using a button to take or end a call, or slide your finger along the band to change the volume or jump tracks.


The device is rechargeable via a USB port, and the batteries last six hours of playback or eight hours of conversation.  It has three transducers that emit sound waves perceived by your inner ear, two on the sides of your head and one at the back of your head.  “Sound waves are transmitted at a frequency that can be conducted through the bones of the skull,” the company wrote.  They also say, “Batband has been conceived for daily use and fits your busy lifestyle: at work, in transit, with friends, whilst gaming, working out and all of these while keeping your ears free.”  “It is an elegant piece of sound technology allowing you to listen to your private soundscape as well as the world that surrounds you.”


The co-founders of the company, Key Kawamura and Ali Ganjavian we inspired by bats, dolphins, and other sonic hearing creatures when they began tinkering with the idea of the Batband.  Studio Banana Things has already beat its $150,000 goal with 39 days remaining.  You can pre-order the band for $149 from the Kickstarter campaign before the band goes on general sale next year for $250.  Shipping is expected to start next April.

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