Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport has Found New Life as Huge Public Park

It is hard to abandon large spaces like airports once they have lived their design life, but it is the safest option. Nonetheless, wasting such a large expanse of land is unfathomable, which is why coming up with an option to renew and reuse these places is a popular choice.

The Tempelhof Airport in Berlin is one such place that has seen its fair share of history. First built in 1927, the airport has seen both Word Wars, and its building used to be among the top 20 largest buildings in the world. Since its closing in 2008, it has lost its real purpose, but has come to experience an awakening of sorts. The airport now serves as Berlin’s largest public park.

Berlin's Airport Turned Park (8)

The airport covered an area of 300 hectares, all of which now serves as a joyful land for Berlin’s public. The city park was opened in May 2010 and has many reacreational activities to offer. It has a 6km bike path, a running track, skate park, a barbecuing area, a four-acre dog walking field, plus a huge space for picnics, yoga enthusiasts, and lazy layabouts for those who would just like to bask in a good day. The entrance is free for all. The park opens in wee hours of the morning, around 6 am, until sunset. Check out how Berlin has turned this airport into a beautiful park like it was meant to be one all along.

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