Bernard Pras Art Made Of Junk

Artist Bernard Pras uses a technique known as anamorphosis, the art of sticking objects on a canvas to give the work texture and dimension.

pras1 pras5 pras4 pras3 pras2

Bernard Pras is a French painter, photographer, and sculptor.  He has spent more than 20 years perfecting his craft.  When you view his art from a specific angle, it transforms into and easily recognizable image.  To be able to create the anamorphic effect, Pras carefully plans the placement of each piece of ‘junk’, selecting them by color and size.

pras9 pras8 pras7 pras6

Pras uses only found objects in his creations and literally turns trash into treasure.  Look closely at his art and you’ll find everything from toilet paper and soda cans to baby toys and bird feathers.  He will use anything that seems right for the color and texture he needs.

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