Betabrand Reflective Clothing Line Ruins Paparazzi Photos


Being rich and famous has its advantages and disadvantages.  The biggest downfall is not having a private life, the paparazzi just doesn’t leave you alone.  Now there’s a new, innovative way of photobombing the paparrazis next batch of photos and it’s call Betabrand.


Betabrand are the creators of disco wear, a line of apparel in which everything from a hoodie and sweats to a dress is made of a fabric that mimics the mirror effect of a disco ball.  They’ve come out with a capsule collection of clothing called Flash Back that is designed to look as innocuous as a pale grey garment can be under regular light.  Try to take a photo of it and everything changes.  The reflective fabric react to a camera flash by turning it bright white.  Chris Holmes, the music producer and DJ best known for getting crowds into the mood is the one getting the technofabric to the masses.  “While I wasn’t thrilled that many of these photo were ruined, it gave me an epiphany: Perhaps I could use this technology for a greater purpose- like making paparazzi photos worthless,” says Holmes.

betabrand1 betabrand3

Betabrand’s lead designer Steven Wheeler, creator of the company’s ‘gay jeans’ explains that the highly reflective properties of the fabric come from millions of tiny glass spheres that are bonded to the outer surface.  Originally the fabric was developed for safety applications such as road signs or reflective stripes on jackets and hats to render people and objects more visible in the dark.  He also tells us “compared to bright neon, metallic, or white colored surfaces, which bounce and scatter light in every direction, this reflective material is many times more efficient at bouncing light back to the source of illumination.  The fabric is sourced from China.


Betabrand’s cofounder Chris Lindland is hopeful that the techno-clothes will be in demand.  The anti-paparazzi clothes will hopeful reach its goal within 30 days and then production will begin.  The ‘Flashback’ collection consists of 5 pieces; photobomber, illuminate jacket and pants, silver screen scarf, and the halo hats.  An ideal collection for those who do not want their picture taken.

Betabrand Reflective Clothing Line Ruins Paparazzi Photos

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