Bionic Boots Give You Super Speed!

How cool would it be if humans could outrun the fastest land animals? Is it possible? Well it might be with ‘Bionic Boots, created by Keahi Seymour who has admired the incredible speed of the Ostrich and other land dwelling two-legged creatures.  Seymour was determined to unlock the secret to their fast speed.

bionic boot2

His solution, the ‘bionic boots’ add a spring to your step, increasing your force and speed. He worked on this project for many years and a dozen prototypes later, Seymour came to the Maker Faire in New York in September 2014 to show off the latest version of his ‘bionic boot.’ This prototype boosts his pace to a brisk 25 miles per hour, which is the same speed as a slow moving car.  Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man has clocked a top speed of 27.44 mph, but Seymour  won’t rest until he can take the human body to the next level, and outrun some of Earth’s fastest land animals.

bionic boot4 bionic boot1

Seymour and his company, Bionic Boot, say the springs on the back of their boots imitate the Achilles tendons of an ostrich or kangaroo. Utilizing the principles found in the locomotion of fast land animals the inventor and founder, the prototype was developed with capabilities of catapulting a human forward at tremendous speeds with maximum efficiency and agility. The company hopes to eventually add pistons to the top grade aluminum and carbon fiber boots to help humans reach speeds of up to 45 mph.

bionic boot5

“The Bionic Boots are the transportation of the future,” he explained. “They are meant to make a human run faster, inspired by fast land animals.  The boots are comprised of a carbon fiber composite exoskeleton, and also aircraft grade aluminium.  So the lightest materials were applied to provide the most efficient from the transportation.”

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