bKey: Portable Smartphone Charger the size of a Car Key

Panic sets in a few minutes before your smartphone’s battery dies.  Smartphone users all have the same worry, can it get through the day without having to recharge it.  In most cases the answer is going to be no and then you’re stuck with a dead phone and no place to charge it.  An alternative solution is carrying a portable battery pack around with you but that just isn’t practical.  How about a key that can charge your Smartphone’s battery?  Well, bkey seems to be the thing we’ve all been looking for.bKey2

bKey is a keyring battery that can give you the little boost you need.  The bkey hangs directly on your key-chain for emergency use.  It’s small, lightweight and roughly the size of a typical car key making it easy to fit in your pocket or handbag. bKey4 The battery is a 230 mAh lithium ion model than can hold a full charge for about a month and can provide the user with a crucial additional thirty minutes of use which should be enough to get anyone out of a tricky situation.  The bkey might not have the same power as other battery extending devices but it’s designed so that’s it’s always with you.  The bkey should be out in the market towards the end of the year, but until then you can pre-order it.  At a price starting at $20 it appears to be an excellent investment. bKey3 bKey5

bKey took over 2 years to develop because the company wanted the product to be just right.   The research and development team found that people preferred a cable-free battery that was small and convenient.  People also only need something to hold them over for a little while, like on the way home in the evening. bKey’s innovation lies in its simple and sleek design.  bKeyThe convenience, portability and ease-of-use of this product were a hit with consumers. bKey charges through a USB port on your computer or A/C wall adapter.  A red light shows when bKey is charging, switching to blue once it’s fully charged.  You never have to remember to bring a cable or annoying adapter tips with you again. bKey…..it’s a no brainer!!!


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