BLOOD SPORT: Video Game That Draws Blood When You Lose a Life

For those of you who like to play video games, this might catch your interest.  A new campaign hopes to blend the two worlds of video games and blood donation by hooking players up to a machine that draws blood when their character gets shot.  The name of the game is ‘Blood Sport’.


The campaign for the game was started by two Canadian video game designers, Taran Chadha and Jamie Umpherson.  Their goal is to goal bring the experience on a cross-country tour, where they can set up multi-player blood donation gaming events.  The design itself is simple.  The mechanism that makes the controller vibrate or ‘rumble’ gets hooked into an existing blood collection device, called an Arduino Board, which both monitors how much blood is being drawn and shuts off when it reaches a certain limit.


Chadha and Umpherson want to revolutionize the way blood is donated.  Before you begin playing the game, a medical professional will insert a needle into your vein that is connected to a blood flow controller.  Blood Sport is designed to work with all gaming consoles and all types of video games.  The duo plan to partner up with the appropriate organizations in both the gaming and medical fields.


The team hopes that their project can raise some awareness about blood donation.  Each day, more than 41,000 donations are needed, yet donation rates continue to fall.  The project was launched with Kickstarter less than a week ago and we recently learned that it has suspended funding for this particular gaming system.  The project only collected $3,390 of its goal of $250,000.


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