Bosch Reaxx Table Saw Cuts Wood, Saves Flesh

Table saws aren’t only accountable for ease of wood cutting. They have deprived countless of their fingers due to their pace and force.

The Bosch Reaxx is a new twist on the table saw that can tell the difference between flesh and wood.

Such table saws aren’t new, but the technology they use can ruin the blade. The Bosch Reaxx table saw fixes these shortcomings and employs a different technology to make its use safer.  It makes use of the Bosch Active Response Technology. A cartridge is used to trigger the mechanism. As soon as flesh is detected, a piston release drops the blade. The device can be reassembled later, in no time. The cartridge needs replacing after two uses.

Bosch Reaxx Table Saw (1)

Reaxx has been designed to work on other materials as well, and allows for a bypass mechanism so that the safety mechanism isn’t triggered on these materials. An on-board control system exists which doesn’t allow activation without permission, or by mistake. Only select people with access can activate different modes of the table saw, and an NFC-enabled smartphone app can be used with it to monitor the saw’s status. This makes it useful for supervisors. An LED display panel displays the saw’s status in color codes (Locked, Bypass or OK).

Bosch Reaxx Table Saw (2)

The Bosch Reaxx table saw is planned to hit the market by fall, for US$1,499.

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