Boy Builds Excavator With Plastic Syringe Hydraulics – GENIUS!!!

Creativity and innovation hold no bounds.  When you put your mind to something there’s no reason you can’t accomplish whatever comes your way.  A Brazilian boy from Brazil has created a functional excavator with syringe hydraulics.

syring excavator2 syring excavator5

Amazing teen engineer Wesley Pereira de Souza from Tocantins, Brazil uses plastic syringes, pipes, and wood to make this excavator.  Souza started this DIY project after observing the hydraulic mechanism of the excavator arm.  At 15 years old, this boy has a great future as an engineer.

syring excavator4syring excavator3


This DIY project has caught the attention of DIY enthusiasts and his video demonstrating how the hydraulics work has become viral.  Just coming up with an idea like this is pure genius.  After watching this you will realize that geniuses are not made, but they are born.  Hopefully this project will not only seem interesting because it was a DIY home project, but it represents an opportunity for our future, using recycled material to build machinery and help restore balance to the resources’ consumption and the human race’s ability to regenerate those resources and make them useful.

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