Brease Converts Your Hard Drive Into Cloud Storage

Saving all your important and large files on cloud storage has its limitations, one of the biggest being a size limitation.  Now you can have your own personal cloud hub that turns the storage you already have into a cloud of your own.  Brease, a Dutch company, has developed a personal cloud storage solution that enable you transform your locally stored data into cloud storage.  Through a Kickstarter campaign, they want to make this private cloud available at the start of next year.

brease storage2

“Our initial idea was to make setting up a private cloud easily accessible for everyone.  A lot of people have hard or flash drives:  Brease offers a way to use these drives as cloud storage”, says Phillippe Faut, one of the founders of Brease.  By using the app on mobile devices and desktops, the connected storage can be accessed on all of your devices.  You will also be able to back up all your devices, so you will never worry about losing a file again.

brease storage1

It seems pretty easy to use, just connect your external hard or flash drives and the size of your personal cloud increases.  The team went through many trials and tests, creating several hardware prototypes to achieve the best finished product.  So in a nutshell, Brease makes everything accessible on all your devices, it’s flexible so that you can switch from cloud storage to local storage in seconds, all the data added to Brease is for your eyes only, and it’s one hundred percent secured using military encryption.

brease storage4

Brease sets up in three easy steps.  First, plug in the power adapter and connect it to your modem.  Secondly, scan the custom pattern on the back of your Brease using the mobile app, and lastly, connect a hard or flash drive and you’re all set.   Brease will make it easy to share files with family, friends or even your company.  You can control how much access you want to share with someone.  You can add storage whenever you want.  You’ll never lose a file again by backing up your files wherever you are.  You can also stream all media, listen to music or watch a video.  If you don’t have access to internet don’t worry, Brease has an optional offline mode too.

Brease is made of high quality PC/ABS (Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and comes in a clean bright whit color, which has an elegant matte finish.  It’s not only beautiful, it’s durable as well.  You can get a Brease for $89.  It is amazing to see such cool gadgets coming our way in the recent future, what do you think of this?

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