Buhel SoundGlasses Keeps You Hands Free and Ears Free

Sometimes, you just have to take a call on the golf course. Every golfer knows what a pain it is to attend a call during a round.  Taking a call can stall the round for everyone in your group. It’s impossible to hold a phone to your ear and simultaneously swing a club like a competent player. There is a solution to this problem and it’s called the Buhel SG505 SoundGlasses.


SoundGlasses SG05 are hi-tech sunglasses that enable hands free communications with the innovative Bone Conduction Technology (BCT). This technology is the transmission of sound by an electromechanical transducer (speaker), which converts the electric signals into mechanical vibrations and sends them to the internal ear through the cranial bones. You can also listen to music without earphones or earbuds, activate SIRI with a touch of a button, communicate with GPS systems and other electronic devices and be able to hear surrounding sounds like voices and traffic. SG05 are fully compatible with iPhone, Android and most Bluetooth devices.

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The SoundGlasses connects to a mobile device via Bluetooth, it then relays sound to the wearer via bone conduction. That means there’s nothing in your ear as you hear a phone conversation or music streaming to the SoundGlasses. A noise-canceling mic inside the bridge of the sunglasses lets you talk hands-free, too. There’s also a hard button to initiate and end calls, as well activate Siri. On a three-hour charge, the glasses can afford three hours’ talk time and can remain in standby for 300 hours. The glasses themselves will come with interchangeable lenses.

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Now you can remain ears free as well as hands free. The bi-directional microphone is integrated into the bridge of the sunglasses, assuring clear transmission which is not disturbed by the wind. It is water resistant. SoundGlasses SG05 do not cover or block your ears, it can be used in very noisy conditions and high volume use will not harm the eardrum. Buhel’s parent company Atellani Is raising funds. A pledge of $160 will get you one but the price won’t remain so low for too long. The estimated retail price is expected to be somewhere over $270.

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