BulletSafe Bulletproof Cap

Having a dangerous job requires you to have proper protection for safety.  We have heard about bulletproof suits, bags, and even shoes, but now we give you the BulletSafe bulletproof cap.  It’s another way to stay protected on the job, while looking discreet and professional.


Designed for professionals who need some added protection without appearing aggressive, the BulletSafe bulletproof baseball cap offer an extra layer of safety in a subtle way.  People working jobs such as bodyguards and undercover police officers do not wear full body protection – either because it could appear too aggressive or because they need to remain discreet.  Made with a BulletSafe ballistic pad sewn into the front two panels of the cap, the hat can stop frontal impact while still blending in.  The hat is available in three sizes, small, medium, and large.

bulletproof4 bulletproof5

The BulletSafe bulletproof baseball cap is comfortable, lightweight, easy to wear, and offers the same frontal protection area as a ballistic helmet.  Making parts stron enough to stop a bullet requires high-temperature/high-pressure tooling.  The hat starts with a base model, then the team modifies it with the ballistic pad in the front two panels.  The company expects that it can stop frontal impacts from handguns that us 9-mm, .40 and .38 caliber rounds.


This is not the first bulletproof device from BulletSafe.  It has been making and selling bulletproof vests since 2013. The bulletproof baseball cap is available for pre-order for $99 and an expected delivery date in November 2015.


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