Business Cards are No Longer Just a Piece of Paper Thanks to NFC Technology

NFC, or Near field communication, is a technology that enables smartphones and other devices to establish radio communication with each other by bringing them into close proximity. NFC business Card (1)The PhoneHome Project, in collaboration with Unite Remote app developers, has come up with a brilliant idea to use this technology for Business Cards! An NFC enabled card programmed too store customized information, available to the holder on one smartphone swipe. Paper business cards always end up in the trash. With this, you can automatically provide your contact info with one swipe along the NFC Business Card.



NFC business Card (1)

These cards are set to come with programmable scan-able stickers that create technology shortcuts and provide digital resources for compatible smartphones.

NFC business Card (6)

NFC business Card (3)

With its wide range of connectivity, you can connect and Sync with Bluetooth car receivers, headsets, speakers, and other accessories.

NFC business Card (1)

NFC business Card (4)

The idea doesn’t end at simply information exchange. You can program these stickers to direct customers to your website, Facebook/Twitter or any platform that you use, and even let Android users connect to a secure Wi-Fi network without typing a password or using an app.

NFC business Card (3)

You can even use it to program your Phone number on an NFC key-chain for your Pet’s collar. Immediate calls or texts from the person who finds your missing companion!

NFC business Card (5)

The design features an easy to scan NFC sticker with a circuit large enough for users to succeed in scanning at the first try no matter the location of their phone’s NFC Chip.

NFC business Card (7)

The Kickstarter campaign is currently on going, and has already reached its first funding goal! Backer’s get to select possible designs and features that will hot the shelves.

NFC business Card (2) NFC business Card (9)

NFC business Card (8)


Some NFC Programming options such as URL’s & Contact Info can allow anyone to scan a tag without an app.  More complicated tasks such as automating SMS Commands to control Wifi Lights using the apps IFTTT + Tasker + Trigger will only work on the configured phone, tutorials of which shall be available at PhoneHome Project’s official website.

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