Carving Beauty from A Craiglist Deal Of Redwood

DIY projects are a backyard activity for many Americans. These are constructive activities that keep one rejuvenated and provide ample exercise, not to mention the end result is sometimes as beautiful as this Redwood table.

This Redditor found a piece of dried redwood slab on Craiglist, 10 feet long and 3 inches thick and the price was hard to let go. So he made this beautiful piece of furniture with it.

He set out to buy this redwood slab, and it had to be cut into two pieces to be transported.

Redwood Table DIY (2)Redwood Table DIY (3)

He picked up some lumber to augment bits of his bench cum table.

Redwood Table DIY (4)

Then he got to work!With little space in his shared parking space, he set up his mini DIY workshop and began carving lumbelumbarr foot stands for his idea.

Redwood Table DIY (5)Redwood Table DIY (6)

Once completed, these were sanded and polished.

Redwood Table DIY (7)

.. and finally assembled inside his apartment.

Redwood Table DIY (8)

He used the redwood slab on top of the table and its benches to create a beautiful piece of furniture for his living room. Take a look at it here:

Redwood Table DIY (1)

His idea is simple, yet elegant. He employed material from a good bargain to save a weekend and add a remarkable accessory to his place.

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