CAT S50- A Rugged Yet Sophisticated Phone

If you’re into extreme sports or just love to be outdoors, this new smartphone by CAT is the one for you.  CAT phones launches the Cat S50, a rugged, 4G smartphone designed specifically to be used outdoors and in challenging environments.


The S50 is waterproof and the screen can be used even with wet fingers.  It’s scratch resistant, dustproof and can withstand more than just a few bumps and scrapes.  Not only is it a strong phone it’s smart too, equipped with a  quad core (1.2 Ghz) processor running the latest version of Android, so you have performance and protection all in one phone.


Oliver Schulte, CEO of Cat Phones says “Choosing a mobile phone suitable for outdoor pursuits has often meant making a compromise on either the functionality or the level of protection, not so with the S50, which offers all of the features of a high-end smartphone with level of protection and durability that you’d expect from the Cat brand.”  Eventhough the CAT brand is stamped all over the device, Bulitt Mobile is the company that actually manufactured the phone.

You can use the S50 on the slopes, on a bike, up a mountain or on a building site and it can handle anything that’s thrown at it.  Wet, cold, dusty, or dirty, nothing compromises the S50’s high-end smartphone performance…not even dropping it on concrete.  It’s screen is protected with shatter-resistant Gorilla Glass 3.CAT2

Cat phone users don’t need to search through the 1.2 million apps on Google Play to find the one they want because the S50 comes pre-loaded with the Cat Phones App Store of over 1000 hand picked apps.  The phone also has a durable audio technology developed by Waves, a recipient of a Technical Grammy Award, which provides a better listening experience even outdoors, or playing games, watching movies, listening to music or online voice communication.  So, in a nutshell, the S50 has a faster processor, bigger screen, improved standby-time, improved imaging and connectivity capabilities, including 8MP camera and 4G compatibility.  It’s available in a range of colors including Forest and Slate, encased in shock absorbent rubber.  It will be priced at US $499.

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